Dual Hydrostreamers
These breathtaking solid water streams instantly add a tropical touch to your spa. For your convenience, the Dual Hydrostreamers
feature a valve that allows you to control the flow of both waterfalls. To further enhance the tropical look and feel of your hot tub,
LED lighting is available as an optional feature.
Optional Performance Pack
The Performance Pack features 10 additional hydrotherapy jets and a high performance 5.0 BHP pump, which operates on a
volt system.
Genesis Rotomold Rock
Accent Panels
These breathtaking accent panels, standard on three models, feature a unique rock design. These panels give your hot tub a two-
tone finish and complement any backyard landscape. (Standard on GR630L, GR730L & GR730B).
Only available in
for all three
Rotomold color choices).