High Oxygen Levels
Anti-Aging Effects
Oxygen naturally improves the collagen production in your skin,
which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Skin Cell Repair
Oxygen promotes natural healing and the reduction of scar tissue.
Wet” oxygen is more easily absorbed by the skin.
Natural Antibacterial Agent
Oxygen keeps your skin healthy by eliminating bacteria on contact.
Microbubbles enter your skin’s pores, lifting out impurities.
Deep cleans hair follicle and sebaceous glands
Initiates natural cardiovascular exercise
Oxygen and water left behind in your pores cause the skin to
plump”, leaving it soft and increasing elasticity.
Naturally opens pores, allowing your skin to hydrate and soften.
Enhanced Levels of Anions
Anions are negatively charged ions.
Naturally improves serotonin levels, which help elevate your
mood and alleviate pain.
Neutralizes free radicals, which boosts your immune function.
Relaxes your mind and body, promoting a deeper sleep.
Enhanced Levels of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is the practice of using aromatic substances to
enhance psychological and physical well-being.
Help stimulate your brain function
Enhances your mood
Natural pain relief
Promotes relaxation
The Fountain of Youth
is an ideal method of providing high levels of oxygen, anions, aromatherapy
and heat through the technology of microbubbles.
Aerosol provides anions and aromatherapy to your lungs
Microbubbles are released into the spa, forming a cloud that warms, relaxes and opens your
skin’s pores.
Microbubbles naturally heal and detoxify your body
With the Fountain of Youth
you are exposed to all of the benefits possible from this advanced
microbubble technology.